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These lingerie tips help you update your navy look to 2016

The navy trend is back – has it ever really been away? This summer the navy trend is everywhere – including your lingerie drawer. With Marie Jo’s voluptuous Dolores, that is! Take inspiration from our styling tips and set your course!

The Breton top is a timeless piece of clothing that everyone owns. In 2016 the navy look asserts itself in the rest of your summer wardrobe. And in your lingerie drawer. In Marie Jo’s Dolores you can set any course your want.

The braided pearl white shoulder straps, the high quality lace with retro pattern and the contrasting bows make Dolores an eye-catcher that goes with everything. Dolores is unrivalled in its combination of playfulness, timeless class and sensuality. The navy trend encapsulated in a single lingerie set.

White looks fresh and perennial, not least because of the luxurious look of gossamer lace and thinly braided shoulder straps. The sailor’s bow completes the timeless, stylish look. And this lingerie goes with just about anything. But what’s the preferred style with Dolores this summer? It’s that other prominent summer trend, the seventies look.

Go for wide-leg trousers, sandals with plateau soles and a wide-brim hat. The very best option is high-waisted flared trousers. With a light bohemian blouse. Or the always-elegant Breton top, a real statement. Depending on your mood, finish with a nonchalant denim jacket.


Like to style Dolores yourself? Go get her, sailor: find the nearest point of sale here.


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