Meet Marie Jo Undertones: luxurious essentials. Pure and simple

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Meet Marie Jo Undertones: luxurious essentials. Pure and simple

Every woman loves to begin the new season with a blank canvas, no? Beautiful lingerie in its purest form is the ideal basis for your new summer wardrobe. Undertones, Marie Jo’s new fresh line, ticks all the boxes. Undertones temps you with luxurious essentials. Simple but effective. Because classy simplicity can sometimes look a little too feminine. To put it another way, opulent luxury in all its simplicity. Inspire yourself and welcome the summer with Marie Jo Undertones!

Ready for a fresh start to the summer? Meet Marie Jo Undertones, the best canvas for a summer of pure class. This season we have a brand-new line of luxurious essentials.

With Undertones we salute contemporary women. This gracious line combines innovative comfort, meticulous craftsmanship and exceptionally elegant minimalism in one. A range of unmissable feminine lingerie essentials.

Undertones encapsulates the essence of lingerie with flawless but understated cups that are also deeply feminine and gorgeously refined. Much more than basics, these lingerie sets are absolute essentials to build your wardrobe around.

There are five styles, ensuring a perfect fit for every woman. These minimalist styles always come with sensual details like subtle tulle, discreet stitching and vertical seams.

The palette is also flattering. We drew our inspiration from tints that subtly match various skin types. The result is a series that brings the best out of diverse complexions in a sublimely refined way. The three colours are glossy pink, patina and black.

Undertones ensures a pure, feminine look with a no-nonsense feel. Or to put it another way: lingerie that goes with anything. The Undertones lingerie sets can be worn with any summer trend. Comfortable pyjama look, sexy stripes, flowery Victorian or transparent sporty chic – every look is within reach with the new Undertones.

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