On a voyage of discovery with Marie Jo L’Aventure

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Fancy an adventurous set?

Marie Jo L’Aventure has a soft spot for adventurers. Did you know this spring’s series are named after explorers? Find out which adventurous men caught the imagination of our design team.


Playful arcs, a cute embroidery bow and bling-bling garter details on the straps… there's every reason to love Buzz!

Buzz refers to Buzz Aldrin, a US astronaut who was the second person to set foot on the moon. Fun fact: Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story is also named after Buzz Aldrin.


A summer jungle print on your bra? Ed Stafford would love it… and we do too!

Ed is Ed Stafford, the Englishman who was mad enough to walk the length of the Amazon River in 2010. In doing so, he helped various charities. Ed’s feat made the Guinness Book of Records. We honour him with this smart series…



Handsome and hip: the check print with neon yellow accents ticks both boxes. Who could resist this subtle nude set with sexy twist?

The Russian Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space. After a feat like that, he will obviously never be forgotten.


White is this spring’s must-have colour. The playful transparent stripes give the trendy tint a fresh, refined touch.

Robbie refers to Robbie Stone. A name you might not immediately recognise. This adventurer explores life underground and takes extraordinary photos of caves. Enough to get your head spinning!



Seductive eyelet embroidery in a sexy orange-red tint… it’s all you need to create a totally Mediterranean feel!

Marty McFly was the main character in the eighties Back to the Future franchise of US comedy science fiction films. Marty is a time traveller who would love the nerve and attitude of his Marie Jo L’Aventure namesake…



Have we talked you into an adventurous set?

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