Avero Special Edition: and the winner is…

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Avero Special Edition: and the winner is…

In 2016 our Iconic Avero series celebrates 20 years at the top. This calls for a party! To thank you all for your loyalty and support, we gave all of you Avero lovers the opportunity to vote for your favourite limited edition design.

We truly appreciate your enthusiasm in taking part and wanting to help celebrate this impressive anniversary. We actually received more than 48,000 entries!

We won’t keep you waiting much longer to find out which limited edition Avero is coming to stores in 2016.

With more than 48% of the votes the winner is ORCHID PURPLE


For all of you who are wondering; the correct answer to our tie breaker was: 1 479 342
The winners have already been notified and they are….

The following 20 ladies have won an Avero set worth 125 euros:

  • Melissa Gysens
  • Margreet Van kempen    
  • Carole Astruc
  • Ilse Meersman
  • Ria Lammens
  • Brigitte Oris    
  • Erika Lecleir    
  • Lieke Lutenborg    
  • Annemarie Spanjer    
  • Marij Lammers     
  • Heidi Liebeton-vastenhout                
  • Nathalie Van Hellemond                
  • Greet Bollen    
  • Harriet van ellen    
  • Viki Bentley
  • Annick Kempen    
  • Christine Schnepf    
  • Andre van Kempen    
  • Anne Heintz    
  • Claus Ellen    

We would just like to thank you again for taking part and while you have not won this time remember that you can still sign up to our newsletter. http://www.mariejo.com/en/subscribe-our-newsletter. Every month Marie Jo gives away a voucher worth 125 euros to ladies celebrating their birthday.


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