Your favorite icons in a new fashion color!

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Can't get enough of your favorite icon’s comfy fit? Pamper yourself again this fall with your favorite lingerie in a new fashion color. The Marie Jo Jane, Marie Jo Avero, Marie Jo L’Aventure Tom, and Marie Jo L’Aventure Louie best sellers have proven themselves both when it comes to their fit and their fashion status. Choose from the different styles of briefs and bras, each with their own advantages. Our tip: did you know that these icons are available all year round in a wide range of timeless trendy colors? No lingerie drawer should be without an icon!

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MJ - MIF AW22 - Jane CNI

Your invisible force

As soon as you slip into your favorite Marie Jo set and see your reflection, you’ll know you can take on whatever the day brings. Because what you are wearing underneath your outfit is your invisible force. A stunning lingerie set with an impeccable fit that makes you feel extra self-assured.

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