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Meet the new sustainable kid in town: Marie Jo Seoul is upcycled lingerie at its finest, with a creative mix of recycled fabrics and materials. This beauty is a limited edition, so get it while you can!

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MJ AW23 - Seoul - Feature 1 | Marie Jo

Lingerie that tells a story

Your Marie Jo Seoul set tells a unique story: the first upcycled series in our collection made from deadstock, in other words materials left over from previous collections. So sustainable AND stylish!

MJ AW23 - Seoul - Feature 3 | Marie Jo

A bra with an infallible fit

Prefer a bra with a heart-shaped neckline or rather a bralette? Choose the style that best suits your shape or the look you're going for. The heart-shaped neckline will give your bust a subtle lift, while the bralette will accentuate your natural curves.

MJ AW23 - Seoul - Feature 2 | Marie Jo

Strong power look

The eyecatcher from the Seoul collection is a bodysuit with a floral pattern, long sleeves and a sexy open back. You can wear it like lingerie (under a shirt) or as outerwear, combined with jeans or a blazer. You do you!