Marie Jo

Rosalia is this season’s eye-catcher, with trendy embroidery and unique colors that flatter your skin tone. An absolute must-have!

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MJ Rosalia Luminoso

Warm color palette

The surprising combination of raspberry pink and neon accents makes Marie Jo Rosalia a real eye-catcher! It’ll make you forget about those winter blues in no time!

mj rosalia 0102515LUM rgb

Statement embroidery

The stunning and stylish embroidery continues onto the adorned straps, the back band, and the trim of the briefs. Pure luxury!

mj rosalia 0602510LUM rgb

Flirty set

These four flirty briefs with opulent embroidery and sheer details will add the finishing touch to your look.

mj rosalia 0102515LUM rgb03

For special occasions…

Rosalia is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for yourself or someone else!