Marie Jo Swim

Beach mode on! This feel-good swimwear will boost your confidence on the beach or at the pool. The cheery neon print on structured white fabric is colorful, feminine, and elegant.

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Seriepagina SWIM Tarifa TBS - Feature 1

Recycled fabric and lining

The swimsuit fabric and the lining of Marie Jo Tarifa are made from recycled material. The sturdy and high-quality structured fabric is of Spanish design.

Seriepagina SWIM Tarifa TBS - Feature 2

The perfect bikini

Three bikinis with a distinct style means you're sure to find the perfect look for you. Choose the fit that flatters your figure and style!

Seriepagina SWIM Tarifa TBS - Feature 3

Matching beach dress

Add the finishing touch to your beach look with a matching beach dress. Slip it over your bikini or swimsuit for the perfect beach bar look!