Marie Jo Swim

Love neon? Marie Jo Murcia delights with a unique mix of snakeskin, stripes, and neon accents. An eye-catcher at the pool or the beach this summer!

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Seriepagina SWIM Murcia YFS - Feature 3

Flashy neon yellow

The punchy neon yellow details add a pop of color to your beach look. Summer vibes guaranteed!

Seriepagina SWIM Murcia YFS - Feature 2

Bikini top for all shapes and sizes

Marie Jo Murcia is available in a triangle top, a padded balcony top, and a heart-shaped top, which means there’s a flattering shape for all sizes and styles. Prefer a swimsuit? How about the fun, flattering, and stylish swimsuit with triangle cups?

Seriepagina SWIM Murcia YFS - Feature 1

Recycled swimsuit fabric

The swimwear fabric is made from recycled polyester for a sustainable and high-quality look!