Marie Jo L'Aventure

With an innovative print, gauzy tulle, and the perfect fit, Marie Jo L’Aventure Taro will steal your heart! Eye-catching lingerie that feels like a fresh spring breeze on your skin.

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Seriepagina LAV Taro BLO - Feature 2

Trendy triangle bra with impeccable support

This underwire bra looks like a triangle bra with incredible support and a comfortable fit, making it perfect for summer!

Seriepagina LAV Taro BLO - Feature 3

A bra for all shapes and sizes

Different shapes and sizes call for different styles, which is why this series features three distinct bra and brief styles to suit all women.

Seriepagina LAV Taro BLO - Feature 1

Innovative floral print

The abstract floral motif on airy tulle looks like a watercolor masterpiece. Summery, stylish, and totally unique!