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A push-up bra for fuller cleavage

A push-up bra was specially designed to accentuate your cleavage. The (removable) padding lifts and centers the breasts. The result? Full, irresistible cleavage. Perfect under a low-cut dress or a summery top. How do you spot a push-up bra? The Marie Jo experts explains.

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Push-up bra: Key features

Each shape has its own unique characteristics. How to spot a push-up bra:

  • V-shaped or heart-shaped cups
  • Close-set straps
  • Low-cut underwire under breasts and high-cut underwire under arms
  • Cups with (removable) padding

Note: A push-up bra is not the same as a heart-shaped bra or a plunge bra.

Push-up bra: The styling effect

A push-up bra creates an ultra-feminine silhouette. Push-up bras:

  • center the breasts

  • add volume

  • accentuate your cleavage

  • create the illusion of fuller breasts

All Marie Jo shapes create a beautiful silhouette. So which one do you choose? Our advice is to choose the bra that flatters your shape. If you have smaller breasts, a push-up bra is a good choice. If you have larger breasts, a plunge bra is a flattering shape.

Discover your perfect fit

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What’s your ideal shape?

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