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What is a plunge bra? How to style it!

A plunge bra has distinct, low-cut cups. If you want to show off a bit of cleavage or create an irresistible neckline, this ultra-feminine shape is for you. A Marie Jo plunge bra looks gorgeous under a low-cut blouse or dress. What are the features of a plunge bra?

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How to spot a plunge bra

All shapes have their own distinct features. How to spot a plunge bra? We’ve listed the main features below.

  • The center gore and the underwire both have a low cut
  • The cups are V-shaped or heart-shaped
  • The straps are set close to the neck

A plunge bra is not a push-up bra

Plunge bras and push-up bras share a similar shape: They both have a deep, V-shaped cut and center the breasts. So what’s the difference? A push-up bra has extra padding that lifts the breasts and a plunge bra does not. However, both bras do create the same effect: Irresistible cleavage. Our advice: If you have a smaller cup size, we recommend a push-up bra.

Plunge bra: The styling effect

Have a special evening planned? A plunge bra looks great under a gorgeous, low-cut evening gown. It centers the breasts and gently pushes them together, resulting in a stunning silhouette and irresistible cleavage. A plunge bra is the perfect style for a night out. Get ready to glow! 

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What’s your ideal shape?

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