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A T-shirt bra: How to choose the right shape

The T-shirt bra is a style staple and most women have at least one in their lingerie drawer. T-shirt bras go with everything, from fitted tops and flowy blouses to stylish bodycon dresses. But what makes for the perfect T-shirt bra and where can you find ones that are equal parts smooth, sexy, and stylish? Everything you need to know about T-shirt bras.

Rock your body!

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The effect of a round-shaped bra

A round-shaped bra has low-cut, padded cups. It creates a gorgeous silhouette and provides the right amount of support. A round-shaped bra by Marie Jo will make you feel feminine and self-assured. A wonderful feeling!

How to wear a bralette

Light and stylish, a bralette is perfect under tops, cool blazers, and bomber jackets. Feel free to show off a hint of lingerie and add a sexy touch to your outfit. Get ready to glow! What are the features of a bralette? And what style effect does it have?

A heart-shaped bra for stunning cleavage

The pre-formed cups lift your breasts and create full and feminine cleavage. The upper cups are heart-shaped for a sophisticated and seductive look. This shape fits like a dream, which makes it popular with women who have smaller or wider-set breasts. What are the features of a heart-shaped bra?

Full-cup bra: A fan favorite

A full-cup bra has high-cut cups that offer full coverage. This is the preferred shape for many women. A full-cup bra creates a stunning silhouette and provides optimum support. It fits like a dream and creates natural lift. What are the features of a full-cup bra?

A push-up bra for fuller cleavage

A push-up bra was specially designed to accentuate your cleavage. The (removable) padding lifts and centers the breasts. The result? Full, irresistible cleavage.

A balcony bra for stunning cleavage

A balcony bra has a wide neckline thanks to the low-cut cups. The result? Stunning cleavage. This shape creates the perfect amount of support and suits all shapes and sizes. In short: The perfect mix of comfort and style.

What is a plunge bra? How to style it!

A plunge bra has distinct, low-cut cups. If you want to show off a bit of cleavage or create an irresistible neckline, this ultra-feminine shape is for you.