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How to prevent cups that dig in

Picture this: You find the perfect bra in your favorite lingerie boutique, but it’s not available in your size. Your creative solution? Try the bra in a smaller cup size and loosen the straps and the back. Done! Or are you? If you check your breasts in profile, you’ll notice that the too-small cups have effectively segmented your breasts. You've now got spillage from the top (and possibly also from the sides). The result? Quadriboob.

Say goodbye to cups that dig in

Prevent quadriboob, especially when wearing a fitted dress, top, or blouse. These styles will make it look even more obvious. A bra that's too small isn't comfortable. All women want a gorgeous silhouette, which calls for lovely, rounded breasts. The secret? Wear the right bra size.

  • Do your cups dig in? Try a larger cup size. If you usually wear an 80D, try an 80E instead. This will give your boobs some breathing room.

  • Does your bra feel too loose? Try a smaller band size. If you usually wear an 80D, try a 75E. In this size, the band will fit more snugly around your body.

The right bra size can prevent digging cups and create a stunning silhouette. As a result, you’ll naturally feel more confident. Get ready to glow!

Marie Jo solves your biggest bra problems

Marie Jo has been designing elegant lingerie for all women and all occasions since 1981. Our designers create innovative collections with patience, love, and passion. Marie Jo’s bold collections are known for their unique design, fashionable look, and perfect fit. Each bra is a gorgeous work of art. We are committed to helping all women go through life with pride and confidence. Do you have a bra problem you need help fixing? Let us know! Many women come to us for help with underwire poke, asymmetrical breasts, and sagging straps. We're here for you!

Discover the perfect bra style for you

Bra size isn't the only important factor. Different fits have different comfort levels and silhouettes. While every woman is different, the high-quality and unique Marie Jo collection has something for everyone. If you'd like professional sizing and styling advice, make an appointment with a Marie Jo lingerie stylist. They can tell you exactly which size and style suits your figure.

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