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Which bra suits you best? The ultimate bra guide!

Marie Jo carries a wide range of bra styles, from padded and non-padded, to plunging bras, balcony bras, push-up bras, and full-cup bras. Want to know which bra style suits your breasts best? Find out with our style guide!  

MJ - Blog - Shapes & styles - Non-padded

1. Pre-formed or not?

Do you prefer light and airy bras or comfortable padded bras? The Marie Jo collection features both styles! In fact, you’re sure to find the perfect bra to suit your style, your outfit, and the occasion. You may prefer an elegant padded bra under your fitted work top and a sheer lace bra or flirty bralette for a confident date look.

Non-padded bras:

  • Show off the natural curve of your breasts
  • Feel light and airy
  • Are sheer and flirty
MJ - Blog - Shapes & styles - Padded bras

Preformed bras:

  • Create a lovely, rounded shape
  • Are smooth and invisible under outfits
  • Cover the nipples
MJ - Blog - Shapes & styles - Plunge bra

2. Plunge bras

  • Plunging bras have a lower cut.
  • The straps are set closer together and the underwire is higher under the arms and lower on the center gore.
  • This ingenious Marie Jo style lifts and centers your breasts. The result? Irresistible cleavage!
  • Available without underwire. You decide! The deep-plunge bralette is also available with and without underwire.
  • The plunging bra is a popular choice under feminine outfits with a low neckline.
MJ - Blog - Shapes & styles - Balcony bras

3. Balconette bras

  • The balcony bra has a straight, horizontal neckline that reveals more cleavage.
  • The straps are set farther apart and the underwire extends slightly higher.
  • This style lifts and separates your breasts, creating more volume and fullness on top.
  • This is the perfect bra for elegant outfits with a rounded neckline! It’s also the ideal style for women with less breast volume.
MJ - Blog - Shapes & styles - Push-up bras

4. Push-up bra

  • The push-up bra has a lower cut and reveals more cleavage.
  • The straps are set closer together and the underwire is higher under the arms and lower on the center gore.
  • The cups are padded. Some push-up bras have removable padding.
  • Push-up bras center the breasts and create extra volume. Hello cleavage!
  • This is the perfect bra to wear with low-cut, V-neck tops.
MJ - Blog - Shapes & styles - Full cup bras

5. Full-cup bra

  • The full-cup bra offers more coverage, excellent support, and unrivalled comfort.
  • The straps are set close together and the underwire extends high on the cups.
  • This Marie Jo style lifts and centers your breasts, creating a naturally rounded shape.
  • This bra can be easily mixed and matched with any outfit. The top of the cups may be peek out under low-cut blouses and tops.
MJ - Blog - Shapes & styles - Bralette

6. Bralette

  • The bralette has light, non-padded cups.
  • This playful triangle style is often wireless.
  • In tulle, lace, or another light fabric, this style emphasizes the natural curve of the breasts.
  • A must-have bra for fashionistas!
MJ - Blog - Shapes & styles - Heartshape bras

7. Marie Jo's signature styles

Are you looking for a Marie Jo style to suit your breasts? Consider the cut of the cups as well. Marie Jo has two signatures styles: Heart-shaped and rounded.

The former has a deep heart-shaped neckline, hence the name! This full-coverage bra is cut high on the upper cups and plunges into a deep neckline between the breasts. It’s the perfect style to camouflage loss of volume and asymmetrical breasts.

MJ - Blog - Shapes & styles - Round bra

8. Rounded, padded bra

The rounded, padded bra has curved lines on the cups. This pre-formed bra creates a natural, rounded shape. Want to know which style suits you best? Get fitted and find out!

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