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Six steps to the right bra size

A lot of women wear the wrong bra size. Are you one of them? Our six tips can help you avoid misfits and feel elegant and confident in the perfect bra for your bust. Not sure how to find the right bra size? Get measured by a professional lingerie stylist!


1. Check the band

Despite what most women think, it’s the back band (not the cups) that provides the most support. In fact, it does 80% of the heavy lifting! If the back band doesn't fit well, your breasts won't get the support they need. If it pinches, your bra won't be comfortable and it may dig into your skin.

Tip: Fasten your bra on the middle hook and see if you can fit three fingers under the clasp. If you can and if the band doesn't ride up when you raise your arms, you're in the right size.


2. Do the underwire trick

If you're wearing an underwire bra, check to see whether the underwire cups your breasts and lies flat against your ribs. Not sure how to check if you're wearing the right bra size based on the underwire? Press against the underwire. If it bounces back or pokes into your breasts or under your arms, you're in the wrong size or style. If it lies flush with your skin, you’ve found the perfect fit.


3. Beware the floating gore

The center gore of your bra is the part that connect the two cups. If your bra fits perfectly, the gore will lie flat against your chest. If the gore is raised and doesn't touch your skin, you’re wearing the wrong cup or band size or you're in the wrong style for your shape and size.


4. How to find the right bra size: Check the cups!

Do the upper cups lie flat against your breasts and is the fabric smooth and unwrinkled? If so, you're in the right bra size. If the cups gape or if the fabric wrinkles and puckers, try a smaller cup size. If the sides of your bra dig in or if you have spillage on the top or the sides, your bra is too small.

This extremely unflattering misfit is known as quadriboob (when it looks like you have four boobs instead of two). Quadriboob is particularly easy to spot under fitted tops and dresses, making it a definite no-no.


5. Can you fit two fingers under the straps?

Did you know that the straps only provide about 10% of a bra's support? Straps should feel comfortable on your shoulders without pinching or digging in. All Marie Jo straps are covered in soft fabric.

Tip: If you can fit two fingers under your straps, you've found the perfect fit.


6. How does your bra make you feel?

A beautiful bra in the right size instantly makes you feel elegant and confident. If you've finished our fit test, the next step is to think about how your lingerie makes you feel. Even if you've found your perfect size, you may be missing that extra sparkle that makes you feel gorgeous. A lingerie stylist can help you find the perfect cut and look that suits your style and makes you feel gorgeous and feminine!

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