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Looking for trendy and timeless lingerie in universally flattering colors? Meet Marie Jo Manyla: Romantic, airy, and refreshingly unique.

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MJ AW23 - Manyla - Feature 1 | Marie Jo

It's all in the details

Marie Jo Manyla combines a rich, shimmery khaki color with a near-black backdrop. Every detail has been designed with care, from the gorgeous straps to the romantic lace at the back.

MJ AW23 - Manyla - Feature 2 | Marie Jo

Incredible fit

Marie Jo Manyla is so comfortable, you’ll forget you're wearing it! What you won’t forget is how fabulous you look. Enjoy the everyday comfort and style of a real fashion piece.

MJ AW23 - Manyla - Feature 3 | Marie Jo

Seamless styles

Find the perfect style to flatter your figure. Each style features soft, airy lace for a seamless effect. The same applies to the briefs.