I have sloping shoulders and my bra straps are always sliding off. What would be the best bra for me? | Marie Jo

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The most obvious answer would be: avoid balconnets and try a strapless bra or a halter. But the real solution lies elsewhere.

A lot of women blame the setting on the cup for straps that constantly slip off the shoulder. But what everyone forgets is that the connection of strap to back panel and the back panel itself are at least as important.

It’s essential to get the underbust size right. The bra should never be too roomy against the rib cage, because that will cause the back panel to ride up and the straps to hang looser than they should. The straps will also rest further along the shoulder, which will increase the probability of them slipping off.

A Marie Jo balconnet is specially designed to minimise the likelihood of the straps slipping off your shoulders.

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