I am delighted to have finally found lingerie that fits me like a dream, but I’m stuck with the same old problem when I go shopping for a bikini. Why doesn’t Marie Jo make beachwear (swimsuits and bikinis)? | Marie Jo

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It’s always great to hear from women who are delighted by how well our lingerie fits them. It means we’re doing the right things in our quest to produce the perfect bra.

Each bra is the result of a creative process that draws on our many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of lingerie and our know-how with regards to fabrics, materials and styling. We understand that lingerie design is a job for the experts.

Beachwear and lingerie are made from completely different fabrics and materials. Women also place different demands on their beachwear. That means we could not guarantee perfect fitting Marie Jo bikinis. And we’re not prepared to accept that.

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