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G-string or shorts… what will you be wearing this summer?

Lingerie shorts are getting more and more popular. The twin trends of retro and shapewear have something to do with that. Briefs can be longer and go all the way up to the waist. Long live comfort!

Past Marie Jo collections were typically short on shorts. Rio briefs and G-strings were the best sellers. But that started to change a few seasons back. It’s come so far that shorts are the biggest trend this spring.

Comfort new style

Make no mistake – G-strings and even Rio briefs are still in demand. “G-strings continue to be a firm favourite in the collection, but at the same time shorts are growing in popularity.” Lieve Vermeire, brand design manager of Marie Jo explains. “The shapewear trend and the huge demand for retro are driving interest in shorts. Women are looking for a new type of comfort. It’s okay to cover up more.”

Some popular shorts:

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