How to measure your bra size

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How to measure your bra size

Did you know that no fewer than seven in ten women habitually wear a bra that is the wrong size? That’s a real shame, because a bra that fits like a dream smooths out your imperfections and brings out the best in you. That’s why Marie Jo is so committed to Lingerie Styling… Ensuring you find the perfect fitting bra without too much trouble.

Have you been picking up a 75B for years without a second thought, even though your breasts have changed completely after your pregnancy? If so, it’s very likely that you’re wearing the wrong size. Pregnancy, changes in weight, contraceptive use, age… they are all factors that can influence your bra size. With that in mind, when shopping for lingerie it’s a good idea to have your measurements taken by a lingerie stylist regularly – in any case at least once a year.

Lingerie styling?

What exactly is lingerie styling? It might sound fancy and expensive, but for Marie Jo it’s a matter of course. Marie Jo regularly arranges Lingerie Styling training for owners and sales staff at specialty lingerie shops. The Lingerie Styling hallmark is your guarantee that you will benefit from personalised service and expert advice in that shop.

Me-time is lingerie time

So get along to a Lingerie Styling specialty shop and treat yourself to some Me time. The stylist will take your precise measurements. She will give you advice on the style that brings the best out of your figure. And she’ll give you some tips on the latest trends. You’ll leave with a bra that fits like a dream, looks gorgeous and makes you feel like a million bucks. And it will be worth every penny, because you will never regret it!

Like some Me time? Find the specialty lingerie retailer in your neighbourhood.



Like to know whether your bra size is right? Try our simple test: Shake it!

Lean forward, shake your breasts, straighten up and check in the fitting room mirror to see whether your bra is still perfect. If there are no creases or folds in the cup, the gore between the cups is nice and snug, and the back wings have not ridden up, you have a winner!

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