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Do you understand the importance of good sports lingerie?

Style, function and comfort: that what you should expect from a sports bra.

Sport is all about movement and your breasts often bear the brunt, as they have to absorb a lot of shocks. This bounce is something every woman has to deal with, regardless of her cup size.

Our scientific research in association with the University of Leuven shows that your breasts move a lot more than you might think. Not just up and down, but also from front to back and from left to right.

Your breast is not a muscle, so you need a Marie Jo sports bra to give it the appropriate support and so avoid pain and sagging.

The cups and back panels of all Marie Jo sports bras are made from a revolutionary ultra-light fabric. This elasticated polyamide microfibre is specially engineered to wick away moisture immediately, while retaining its shape.

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