Three reasons to try a balcony bra

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Three reasons to try a balcony bra

Always gone for a traditional full-cup underwired bra (like the Marie Jo Eliott) or a foam cup that covers most of your breasts (like the Marie Jo Avero)?
Well, isn’t it time to broaden your horizons and try another more sensual style, like the balconnet, also known as a balcony or shelf bra? Need some persuading…

1.      A balconnet lifts your breasts and creates flirtatious cleavage due to the horizontal line of the cups. Think voluptuous ladies in costume dramas. It is the ideal style under a top with a low-cut round or square neck.

2.      No beauty without pain? NOS! At least with this style, because the balconnet has wider underwires that provide extra support and run smoothly under the breasts and arms without jabbing into the skin. The gore is usually higher too, providing more support. The result is fabulously comfortable!

3.      There is a balconnet to suit every bust. They come in various types: with horizontal or vertical seam, with or without foam cup… The lingerie stylist will be able to recommend the one that suits you best.

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